Sat Sep 1 19:05:39 PDT 2007 - Page reorganization.

We've been serving content in conjunction with Raz for some time, and in the last 6-10 months Raz has apparently been pursuing other goals.
That said, I'm very grateful for the time and the concept, and the project continues to this day with most of the same players intact. At their own behest, very few will be mentioned here :-D

You will notice a new format. Due to the unfortunate anti-social behavior of some, you now need to do a quick Turing test and a selection to get each file.
We had individual users firing up 500+ simultaneous connections and bogging down the box. I ratholed a few ISP's and eventually got sick of whacking moles.

The new system will likely be a PITA for us, but it's better than letting a greedy few slowly DOS the web server.

Update Mon Sep 3 16:57:10 PDT 2007 - A perfect example of the kind of crap we've been facing.

Partial log Here, full log Here..

Note the number of connections per second this guy is firing up - He's greedy, and we need to be merciful to those who:

A: Apparently don't respect redirects
B: Ruthlessly steal from the network
C: Are anti-social pricks with fundamental scripting skills.
If you have problems with the interface, please send us an email -

Many thanks to Snaggle and 69barracuda for their help in continuing to bring the current WRC season to the eyeballs of hungry North American viewers who cannot see this footage any other way.

- Isaac

** Note - Some viewers have written in, saying that the captcha image is not
visible - At least one of those viewers fixed the problem by using Internet
Explorer instead of Firefox.

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Sun Jan 27 13:22:34 PST 2019 WRC 2019 is here!  ** NEW ** -Snaggle
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